06.11.2020 09:45

IntelMQ offers tutorial lessons and a new documentation page

The IntelMQ tutorial guiding through various features and tools of IntelMQ is available in the IntelMQ Tutorial GitHub repository.
Lesson one introduces the architecture, concepts and terminology of the project. Lessons two and three delve hands-on into working with IntelMQ. Starting with installation and basic usage & configuration they go on to tackle progressively more advanced topics like using advanced features or changing the message queue software to be used. Solutions and explanations are offered for all tasks. In the last lesson you'll learn how to use intelmq-tools, a third-party software which makes customization of your IntelMQ instance much easier.

We think that this kind of interactive online documentation is especially important nowadays when conferences and workshops cannot take place in real life.

As for all other IntelMQ components, we welcome any contributions and feedback to the tutorial.

New IntelMQ Documentation page

We completely revised the way IntelMQ's documentation is presented: Instead of single files in the source-code repository, the best place to read the documentation is now intelmq.readthedocs.io. All pages are generated using Sphinx, the de facto standard tool for documentation. It features a better reading experience and a significantly improved navigation. Furthermore, the new page offers an integrated search as well as module index covering the complete code documentation

If you find any bugs or have improvements, please let us know!

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Written by: Sebastian Wagner