22.06.2020 08:55

IntelMQ Releases 2.1.3 and 2.2.0

On 26th of May we released the IntelMQ Maintenance Version 2.1.3 and on 18th June the Feature Release 2.2.0. Both versions include various changes, both error corrections and new functionality. We thank all contributors and members of the IntelMQ community for their participation in this community-led project.

The Version 2.1.3 mainly fixes errors, for example it improved the error & exception handling and thus the usability. It further contains fixes in 12 bots and even more changes in the core, tests, documentation and supporting tools.

Version 2.2.0 introduces several new bots and support for new feeds, including: Github API Collector, Github Feed Parser, CSV Converter Expert, MISP Expert, MISP Feed Output and MISP API Output. Other bots received major improvements: Microsoft Azure Collector, STOMP collector, AnubisNetworks Parser, Cymru Full Bogons Parser, Taichung Parser, Microsoft CTIP Parser, AMQP Output, ElasticSearch Output.
More information on the Bots included in version 2.2.0 can be found in the Bots' documentation.
The feature release also includes several changes in the common libraries and tools, enhancing contributions and usability.

Due to discontinued data feeds, the support for seven feed groups/providers has been removed in these releases, which also resulted in the removal of six bots. Further, IntelMQ no longer supports Python version 3.4, which itself already reached it's "End Of Life".

The documentation and installation instructions can be found on our Github repository.

This blog post is part of a series of blog posts related to our CEF Telecom 2018-AT-IA-0111 project, which also supports our participation in the CSIRTs Network.

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Written by: Sebastian Wagner