31.05.2021 21:50

IntelMQ release 2.3.3 with support for new Shadowserver feeds

While the development of the next major version 3.0.0 of IntelMQ is in the final spurt, we released a small maintenance version of IntelMQ: version 2.3.3. It marks the end of the 2.x development cycle and is an important milestone of our project “Enhancing Cybersecurity in Austria” (2018-AT-IA-0111).

Beside small error corrections it comes with support for a few new feeds provided by the Shadowserver foundation. Several feeds have been re-organized, renamed and split for better clarity. The Shadowserver parser documentation contains a list of all feeds supported by IntelMQ.

A detailed list of all changes can be read in the release notes, the full documentation can be found at intelmq.readthedocs.io.

This blog post is part of a series of blog posts related to our CEF Telecom 2018-AT-IA-0111 project, which also supports our participation in the CSIRTs Network.

Co-financed by the European Union Connecting Europe Facility

Written by: Sebastian Wagner