02.09.2021 18:45

IntelMQ 3.0.1 release

During the development of the next feature release IntelMQ 3.1.0, we corrected some issues that were found in the IntelMQ 3.0.0 release together with the IntelMQ community. We release new versions of IntelMQ, the IntelMQ API and the graphical user-interface IntelMQ Manager. The upgrade-instructions can be found in the documentation. An important upgrade hint is also in the release announcement.

Summary of changes

A detailed list of all changes can be read in the release notes:

The full documentation can be found at intelmq.readthedocs.io.


Thanks to all the contributors (in alphabetic order):

  • abr4xc
  • Alex Kaplan
  • Birger Schacht (CERT.at)
  • Mikk Margus Möll (CERT.ee)
  • Sebastian Wagner (CERT.at)
  • Sebastian Waldbauer (CERT.at)

Every contribution is very appreciated. Feel free to ask questions, reports issues or merge your code into the IntelMQ universe.

This blog post is part of a series of blog posts related to our CEF Telecom 2018-AT-IA-0111 and 2020-AT-IA-0254 projects, which also support our participation in the CSIRTs Network.

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Written by: Sebastian Waldbauer, Sebastian Wagner