25.07.2023 16:24

IntelMQ 3.2.0 released: Run bots as a library

We are continuing to support IntelMQ, an open-source solution for collecting and processing security feeds. Recently, the IntelMQ Community announced the release of new version 3.2.0.

In the new release, IntelMQ received support for running bots as a library, which should allow for better integration with other tools. A significant contribution from our side is rewriting the IntelMQ API to use a modern FastAPI framework.

As usual, this update contains plenty of bug fixes and enhancements. We have improved the performance of some CLI commands, which was previously reported as a significant issue for larger workflows. The complete changelog and release note are available on GitHub.

IntelMQ 3.2.0 has already been released on GitHub, PyPI, and as deb packages and Docker images in the Docker Hub. Some packages are delayed (including the API for Ubuntu 22.04) because of packaging issues, and they will follow soon.

We are thrilled to hear your feedback – the best place to share your thoughts with the IntelMQ Community is GitHub issues and the IntelMQ users mailing list.

This blog post is part of a series of blog posts related to our 2020-AT-IA-0254 project, which also support our participation in the CSIRTs Network.

Written by: Kamil Mankowski