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Aug 06

Sextortion Spam Scientifically Scrutinized

Sextortion scams are one of the big newcomers in Internet fraud of the last year. In these campaigns spammers send e-mails which claim that they have hacked into the victim's computer and used its webcam to film the victim masturbating while surfing adult websites.

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Jul 16

Topinambour & Windows event logs

* Block outgoing SMB traffic if you can.
* Hunt or Monitor for event ID 106 in "Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler%4Operational.evtx". ...

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Mar 14

MeliCERTes Training in Vienna

From March 11th to March 13th hosted an introductory MeliCERTes Training which covered the basic functionalities of the applications used in MeliCERTes as well as the topic of CSIRT maturity as laid down in the SIM3 model and covered by the CSIRT maturity self-assessment survey by ENISA.

Together ...

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Mar 13

New PGP-Keys

Since our "old" (2014 vintage) PGP-keys are near their expiry date, we have generated a new set of keys. They are available via our usual PGP keyring.

A transition-document, (inline) signed with both old & new keys, can be found at key-transition-2019.txt.

Author: Robert Waldner

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Jan 16

IntelMQ 1.1.1 released

On Tuesday we have released IntelMQ version 1.1.1 which is a pure maintenance release with bugfixes only.

The documentation for the version 1.1.1 and the installation instructions can be found on our github repository.

The development of the next minor release 1.2.0 including new features is ...

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Nov 26

CEF-2018-3 project submitted submitted a proposal under objective 1 for the CEF-TC-2018-3 call. We hope we will get funding, since this will allow us to improve the MeliCERTes platform and also work on a set of nice new cool features for IntelMQ, which is maintained at and widely used throughout the community.

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Aug 01

"National CERT" vs. "National CSIRTs"

The NIS Directive built upon previous work in the space of network and information security and also tried to use the established language of the field. This worked - up to a point. I'm trying to summarize the differences and pitfalls regarding the term "national CSIRT".

"CERT" vs. "CSIRT"

Initially, ...

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May 14

Mac OS X tip: how to protect your mail client

Based on some background knowledge that we received (update 2018/5/14 14:00 UTC+1: we now know it's the bug. The researchers went forward with the public release today), I am taking the liberty to document a setup which protects an Apple Mail installation that I have.

The security measure ...

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Feb 20

Successful MISP workshop

Last week, Alexandre and Andras from gave a MISP workshop to a packed crowed of ~ 60-70 people in Vienna.

Infosharing FTW!

MISP stands for "Malware Information Sharing Platform". See also It allows us to synchronise IoCs with those who need the relevant information ...

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Jan 27

Heartbleed: (Almost) three years later

Shodan recently published a report on the state of Heartbleed which was picked up by lots of media outlets.

I took this as an opportunity to have a look at our statistics. Shodan performs its scan based on IP-addresses and makes the results searchable. also runs daily scans, but these are ...

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