Emails From Us

If you got an e-mail from us informing you about problems in your IT infrastructure, you can find all relevant information here

  • For ISPs
  • For everyone else

For ISPs receives threat intelligence for Austrian IP networks from a variety of sources. "Austrian" means all .at domains as well as servers which are located in Austria according to Geo-IP data. As we receive data in different formats we harmonize and deduplicate it before forwarding it. The format we use in the CSV files attached to our e-mails is described here.


The NGO Shadowserver ( is our biggest threat intel source. You can check if the data in our e-mail(s) is from Shadowserver you can check the "feed" column in the CSV file. More detailed information about our feeds is about to come in the near future.

For everyone else

You received an e-mail from us and don't know how to proceed or just want more information about the problem? You can find it here as well as possible solutions.


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Fake Farmacy Hack

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Search Engine Ranking Hack

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Exploit Packs

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